• Do you need lighter airshafts, but still need the strength and durability of steel?

  • Do you need very small (120mm), or very large (4.5m) airshafts?

  • Do you need quicker deliveries to meet emergency breakdowns?

  • Are your own products' ship dates delayed due to airshaft delivery times?

We have the answer...

Brenner Hume Engineering is a leading manufacturer of precision machinery, and has been producing innovative and state of the art, special purpose machines for over forty years.

Arcalian is proud to represent Brenner Hume Engineering's range of airshaft products in the UK and Ireland.

The most popular products are listed below, but please contact us if you have any other requirements.


Airshaft Body Lengths Cores Features Applications


Cantilevered lug-style design

Aluminium 120-1000mm 2" - 12"


  • Independent aluminium lugs


Label presses

Stainless Steel


Webtrack 2000


Aluminium 120-1000mm 2" - 8"


  • Sidelay adjustment for roll and web alignment


Pharmaceutical packaging

Food packaging

Disposable packaging


Stainless Steel



Aluminium Airshafts


200-4500mm 3"
  • Lightweight aluminium design (7kg/m)
  • Independent aluminium lugs provide greater gripping force
  • Anodised aluminium body
  • Inner bladder cartridge assembly for speedy repair
  • Superior function and performance
  • Ideal for flexible packaging and other light industry applications
Flexible packaging

Other light industry applications

Aliquad II

Heavy Wall Aluminium Airshafts


200-4500mm 3"
  • Lightweight alternative to steel shafts (9kg/m)
  • Reduced deflection characteristics
  • Heavier aluminium body for increased roll weights and process speeds
  • Recommended for rolls >200kg


Rigid Plastic

Rolls >200kg


Aluminium Strip-Style Airshafts




  • New, economical, lightweight aluminium design
  • High holding torque lug system
  • Double support or cantilever design
Rewind applications


Lightweight Aluminium Airshafts




200-4500mm 5", 6", 8"
  • Lightweight aluminium design
  • Independent nylon lugs
  • Efficient gripping force on various core materials
  • Universal spare parts
  • Inserts into cores with ease
  • Inner air chamber to increase force to bladder assembly, resulting in high grip
Series 3000

Steel, one piece Airshafts

Steel 200-4500mm 3"
  • Super quick maintenance
  • Cartridge bladder design
  • The unwind stand professional
  • Independent aluminium lugs
Heavy rolls at fast speeds
Series 5000

Steel, lug-style Airshafts




200-4500mm 2" - 12"
  • Independent aluminium lugs
  • Inner bladder assembly cartridge for speedy repair
  • Superior gripping force
  • Various surface finishes available
Heavy duty applications
Series 5000C

Steel, lug-style, cantilevered Airshafts




200-4500mm 2" - 12"
  • Independent aluminium lugs
  • Inner bladder assembly cartridge for speedy repair
  • Air entry via rotary union (option)
  • Various surface finishes available
Label presses

Printing presses