Distributor Management

  • Do you want more export sales?
  • Do you know how to sell outside your own country?
  • Have you ever found and hired a distributor?
  • Have you wasted time because distributors were ill-chosen, or weren't managed?
  • Is your distribution network a mess?
  • Do you know how to put a distribution agreement together so that it works for both parties?
  • Do you not want the expense of a full-time International Sales Manager?

We have the answer...

"I have been dealing with export sales since 1990, both selling directly in every continent, and managing distributors to handle local affairs. I have found, contracted, trained and developed distributors to outstanding success in all corners of the world."- Craig Brawley, Arcalian Ltd.

How does your service work?

By engaging Arcalian, you essentially create an Export Manager or International Business Manager position within your company for minimum cost.

There are two common scenarios that our customers come to us with: -

Small or under-performing distribution network

We will quickly appraise your current distribution network to understand why they are not performing. It may be that they are simply the wrong distributor for the area/market, however, it is often the case that they feel neglected by their principal, and all that is required is some attention.

Arcalian will motivate, train, encourage and support existing distributors, while seeking out new partners in other territories and markets.

No distribution network

In this case, we have a blank canvas to work with. Using our vast industry contacts we will rapidly find potential partners - then appraise and sign them to your network. We will then provide continuing support and motivation.

How much will it cost us?

Hiring a full-time Export Manager or International Business Manager to work full-time for your company is a costly exercise - particularly if you don't yet have the sales to support such a position.

With Arcalian as your partner, depending on the type and level of business, we work on either a commission-only basis, or retainer plus commission (usually in the initial stages, before reverting to simply commission).

Essentially, you only pay for results.

What about travel expenses?

Arcalian are ideally situated for worldwide travel, but particularly so in Europe. Based near London, we have six international airports within 90 minutes drive, including Heathrow and Gatwick. The proliferation of low-cost airlines means that we can fly to most countries in mainland Europe for less than £100 return, and our location means that France, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany are in easy driving distance.

However, best of all, we will combine business trips from other customers, dramatically reducing the travel expenses we charge each individual customer.

We do not charge separately for hotels, meals, subsistence etc, just a simple day rate to cover all these items.

How long do you work with us?

As long as it is mutually beneficial. You can use Arcalian to "kick-start" your overseas sales, then take them back in-house once the sales justify your own people to take on the role.

Alternatively, we can continue to work with you on an on-going bases.

Which industries do you work in?

Arcalian's prime areas of interest are Electronics, Printing, Converting and Clean Rooms, so naturally we have the most experience and largest numbers of contacts in these markets. However, as our reference list below will show, we have operated successfully in many diverse markets outside our core competencies.


  • Condition Monitoring hardware and software company - UK

  • Electroforming company - USA

  • Custom machine builder - USA

  • Printer/Publisher - UK

  • Food handling machinery manufacturer - UK

  • Bulk plastics supplier - UK

  • Bespoke leather goods artist - UK

  • Engineering company - Australia

  • UV manufacturer - Italy

We can put you in touch with senior personnel at any of the companies above for references.