Dust Control - Floors

  • Concerned about foot-borne contamination entering critical areas?
  • Are forklifts and trolleys operating too near sensitive products?
  • Confused about the range and cost of floor contamination control?

We have the answer...

"80% of contamination entering your critical environment enters via feet or wheels" - 3M

This bold statement may seem shocking at first, but consider where your feet, and those of your co-workers have travelled over the course of their working day. Equally, if you use trolleys in your production environment, where to they go from and to? Even if it is from one clean room to another, where do they have to go to get from one to the other? What can you do to minimise the transfer of foot and wheel-borne contamination?

"Size does matter!" - Anon

One important thing to remember - contamination on feet and wheels comes in various sizes, requiring multiple steps for complete contamination removal.

Arcalian offer four levels of contamination control for floors: -

Clean Walk Mats

Clean Walk Mats are the simplest form of contamination control for any clean area.

Our mats have 60 numbered layers (instead of the normal 30). Simply make it a part of the working day to strip a layer at regular intervals. Depending on the levels of contamination, this is typically once per day, or once per shift.

Arcalian mats are much larger (1150mm x 600mm) than normal mats  This allows a number of footfalls or wheel rotations - just one isn't enough!





ProtectaMats are a high performance contamination control zone designed to attract airborne particles and decontaminate footwear. The contamination is held on the surface until the ProtectaMat is cleaned.

Prevents over 99% of viable and non-viable contamination from entering the critical area.

Ready for immediate use, simply unroll and place in the desired location

Complete with red safety leaders to minimise safety hazards.

ProtectaMats are also available with a self-adhesive backing to prevent underside from slipping.



CleanZone Premier

CleanZone Premier is a high performance contamination control zone designed to attract, collect and retain contamination, preventing particles and microbes from getting into your critical areas.

CleanZone is available in a range of attractive designs which means it still looks good between wet cleaning. Suitable for light wheeled traffic and heavier pedestrian flows.  Available in a range of fixed mats or floor coverings to suit the needs of your facilities. Permanently installed, it is the most effective way of controlling all forms of foot borne and wheel borne contamination.

  • Prevents over 99% of contamination from entering your critical area

  • Improved quality of working life due to reduced allergens in the atmosphere

  • Reduced floor and air particle / microbial counts Improved yield, cost savings and profitability

  • Reduced risk of high product rejection rates

  • Cannot be bypassed and requires no overt action to be 100% effective

  • Choice of colours to either highlight or mask contamination

WorkZone Premier

WorkZone Premier has been specially designed to remove contamination from areas subject to heavy wheeled traffic.

It is essentially a heavy-duty version of the CleanZone Premier above. It effectively attracts, collects and retains contamination from the wheels of forklifts, pallet trucks, large trolleys and carts, preventing particles and microbes from getting into your critical areas.