Artwork or Photography Framing

When assembling a frame, the last thing you want to see when the finished article is ready to hang, is your precious artwork or photograph ruined by distracting dust particles.

Anti-static brushes can only go so far in removing dust from the glass, so what can you use to truly remove every last speck of contamination, down to 1 micron in size?

We have the answer...

Dust Removal System (DRS) from SDI

The hand roller is smoothly applied to the glass, removing any loose, dry contamination. The roller is then cleaned on the Adhesive Pad which traps the contamination, leaving the roller clean for the next surface. Each sheet of the pad has a huge adhesive reservoir, so will last for many applications. The pad and roller are seated neatly on the ABS workstation when not in use.

We offer a wide variety of roller types for different application, but for framing there are just three standard products*: -

CAR300-BP-M - Medium Tack 305mm Hand Roller (DRS12) @ £123.00 each

CAP300 -          Pack of 5 pads of 50 sheets each  (DRS1)  @  £ 95.00 each

CAW300 -         Tough ABS workstation                 (DRS4)  @ £  75.00 each

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*Certain Epson and Hahnemühle photographic papers are not compatible with our standard rollers (CAR300-BP-M). For these paper types we recommend the alternative CAR300-BP-SF. If in doubt, send us a sample for testing.

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