• Ever printed a repeat job months or years after the first time and not known whether it was the same as the first time?
  • Do you have to keep a spare example of every job to compare with next time?
  • Ever had to proofread Cyrillic, Arabic or Oriental type when it isn't your first language?
  • What's the quickest way to get a customer to approve a concession?

We have the answer...

Arcalian has developed IRIS, an image comparator system which allows any image up to A3 size to be instantly compared with a "gold standard" image stored on a PC or network.

Imagine you run a job for the first time in January, to the customer's supplied artwork, and they approve your first production run. Scanning an approved print as a "gold standard" into IRIS allows it to be called up again in July, when you receive a second order. The "gold standard" can then be compared to a scan from the new production run to see any differences.

Both images are divided into grid sections and special "regions of interest" highlighted for special examination. IRIS will automatically align the two images (though manual adjustment is possible if required), and the operator can easily spot: -

  • Mis-registration of a colour
  • Poor printing due to static
  • Dirt on the screen or plate
  • Colour mis-matches

The new scan can be tagged where each fault is found, and fault codes (customisable) allow Production, Technical and Quality personnel the opportunity to improve housekeeping by targeting regular problem issues.

The Sales department can use the images to improve customer relations and where necessary, provide a simple and quick way to get concessions for "borderline" issues.

IRIS runs under Windows and is available simply as software with recommended hardware, or as an entire package including hardware, installation and training.