Dust Control - Personnel

  • People are the biggest source of contamination in any clean room
  • Unless you have a completely automated production, operators will have to be in critical areas
  • How can you keep them from transferring contamination to the environment or product?

We have the answer...

Hand and Glove Cleaner


The Hand and Glove Cleaner is here to cut your cost of glove replacement. This unit is designed to extend the life of disposable gloves and reusable gloves with as little inconvenience as possible. This allows usage from your gloves while maintaining a cleaner working environment.



  • Heavy Duty construction and compact package make it durable as well as mobile

  • Portable or mountable on table or wall anywhere in your facility

  • Easy replacement and maintenance of adhesive paper

  • Longer usage out of each individual glove

  • Reduces overall glove expenditures

  • Minimizes dust contamination throughout working environment