• Do you need to make a round or shaped hole in a moving (continuous or intermittent web?

  • Do you need a die that doesn't blunt?

  • Do you need inexpensive spares for other punching systems             (Maklaus, Park Air etc)?

We have the answer...

Jenton is a leading manufacturer of bespoke packaging machinery for the food industry.

Arcalian is proud to represent Jenton's range of punch and perforation technology - "Punchline".

  • Single punch units (punchettes)
  • Multiple punch units (punch banks)
  • Wicket punches (wicketeers)
  • Handle punches
  • Serrator / perforator units
  • Ejection versions where slugs are pushed out or removed by vacuum
  • Replacement crown punches
  • Replacement cutter blades

We can make holes, slits, perforations or seals in any converting or bag-making line. Control systems are integrated into the host equipment using the most appropriate interface (GMI, SIG, ENC or touchscreen).

Contact us today to see what we can do for you - punches@arcalian.com