Screen Printing

Arcalian supply a wide range of Yield Improvement technology for use in Screen Printing








DisCord Plus

Use DisCord Plus to remove static charge from product before printing. Simply mount across the mouth of the digital press just before the feed table to control "cobwebs" and other print defects.

Read the review on the Image Reports website.

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For even better static kill, use the semi-rigid ArcRod.

Read the review on the Image Reports website.

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Simple static elimination brushes, made from Pure Thunderon® for longer life, or Thunderon® Mix for a softer brush for use with delicate parts.


Sheet Cleaning

Contamination Analysis Rollers

The hand roller is smoothly applied to any flat surface, removing any loose, dry contamination. The roller is then cleaned on the Adhesive Pad which traps the contamination, leaving the roller clean for the next surface.

Use High Tack rollers for thick, rigid substrates such as Corex™ and Foamex™ Use Medium and Low Tack for thinner polyesters and polycarbonate, or our special Thin Film polymer for delicate substrates <100μ thick.

Use a Silicone-Free roller and pad, where coating or laminating, to ensure adhesion. Don't forget to examine the pad to understand the sources of your contaminants.


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 Adhesive Rolls

Arcalian supply Adhesive Rolls from SDI – the largest manufacturer of Contact Cleaning systems and consumables in the USA.

Our rolls are specially engineered to allow transfer of contamination in one direction only and can be manufactured in virtually any size to fit any Contact Cleaner ("tack roll cleaner"), including those of our competitors.

We supply both Continuous and Pre-Cut Adhesive Rolls.



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 Sheet Cleaners from SDI

Arcalian supply a wide range of sheet cleaners from SDI in California. From simple off-line machines where the operator manually cleans each sheet before printing, to in-line and retrofit machines for Sakurai, Thieme, Atma, Svecia etc etc.

SDI were the first company to pioneer the use of Silicone-Free technology in their cleaning machines.


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Replacement Polymer Rollers for Contact Clean Machines

Arcalian can upgrade Polymer Rollers in any Contact Cleaner, and can advise on the perfect formulation and surface characteristics for any substrate.

With the right information, we can quote replacement rollers (either individually or in sets), either to replicate the originals, enhance cleaning abilities, or transform the Contact Cleaner to Silicone-Free operation.



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Rotary Brush Cleaner

This simple air-driven rotary brush can be used as a retro-fit cleaners to cylinder, semi- and 3/4-automatic presses - Sakurai, Thieme, Atma, Svecia etc.

The Rotary Brush is available in widths up to 355mm, and any number can be used in parallel to cover wider requirements.

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IPA Wipes for Polymer Roller maintenance

High quality, lint-free IPA wipes for maintaining board cleaner polymer rollers in top condition. Sold in tubs of 200.


Dust Control


Controls: -

  • Dust (from other departments, e.g. stores)
  • Temperature

Allows: -

  • Permanently open doors (internal and external)
  • Easy throughway for personnel, trolleys, pallet trucks, forklifts, even lorries
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Disposable and Permanent Dust Control Flooring

Arcalian has a wide range of flooring solutions for keeping dust-critical areas free of foot and wheel-borne contamination.

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Image Recognition Software

Arcalian has developed IRIS, an image comparator system which allows any image up to A3 size to be instantly compared with a "gold standard" image stored on a PC or network.

Vital for QA departments to compare prints from different runs, and Sales departments to gain concessions from customers.

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UV Bulbs

UV Bulbs

Arcalian can source UK manufactured bulbs for almost any make of UV curing system.
Please contact us with OEM part number and quantity required, and we'll come straight back to you.

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