Rotary Screens

  • Are you looking for an supply of laser engraved and electro-formed screens for rotary print stations, such as those made by Stork and Gallus?

  • Do you need to print RFID, glitter, Braille etc

  • Do you require multiple mesh sizes on the same screen?

  • Would you like screens that could be used over 500,000 feet?

  • Do you need a screen up to eight feet (2.4m) wide?

  • How about a screen so strong you can clean it with a high pressure air or water jet?

We have the answer...

Arcalian is proud to represent the Lebanon Valley Engraving company of Pennsylvania USA, with their range of screens for any rotary screenprint application.

We offer: -

  • Laser engraved screens to fit any rotary screenprint head
  • Lacquer screens - an extremely strong and resistant emulsion coating that routinely allows this screen to get over 500,000 feet runs.
  • Electro-formed nickel "Galvano" screens


File types: -

  • We use two main applications, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, as these applications can open a large variety of file types.

  • We prefer receiving .ai, .eps or .pdf files so we can apply our own raster and resolution to them giving the best possible output.

  • If your files were not created in a vector application, we would prefer it as a .tif file and be sent to us in its original state.

  • Do not reduce the file size or resolution.

  • We prefer files with a resolution of 508 pixels/inch or 1016 pixels/inch.

  • Please ensure the operator's side is clearly marked!