SDI in PCB Production

  • Are you suffering from "tents" under your dry-film resist due to brush particles?
  • Is dust on your exposure frames contributing to poor image transfer at primary or secondary image?
  • Are you getting too many false readings at AOI?
  • Are you having bonding problems?
  • Are customers rejecting good boards because of cosmetic problems after soldermask?
  • Do you know in which areas you should be concerned with contamination? Click HERE if you don't!

We have the answer...


Artwork and Board Cleaning

Inline or High Volume - SDI IL4

The IL4 series are slimline machines designed for use in PCB facilities - ideal for prior to cut-sheet laminators, exposure units, curtain coaters - any process where dust is critical.

Companies running three-shift operation will benefit from the robust construction and side pull-out of both the Adhesive Rolls and Polymer Roller cartridge (Patent No US 6,200,392 B1).

The footprint of the IL4 series is minimal (less than 200mm), meaning it can be easily slotted into existing production lines for in-line use.

The IL4 series can clean and process dry-film laminated panels and can be supplied with Silicone-Free polymer and adhesive rolls.

An optional Thin Film Cartridge allows the IL4 to process polyimide material down to 25μ thickness.

Available in 610mm, 762mm and 1000mm versions.

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Reel-to-Reel - SDI WCN5


The WCN5 is designed for cleaning PCBs when manufactured in a reel-to-reel production line, rather than in board form.

The WCN5 series can be supplied with Silicone-Free polymer and adhesive rolls.

Available up to 610mm wide.

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Manual - SDI DRS

Use Contamination Analysis Rollers. The hand roller is smoothly applied to any flat surface, removing any loose, dry contamination. The roller is then cleaned on the Adhesive Pad which traps the contamination, leaving the roller clean for the next surface.

Use High Tack rollers for rigid substrates such as laminate, or boards at soldermask. Use Medium and Low Tack for phototools and inner layers, or our special Thin Film polymer for polyimide or dry-film laminated panels prior to exposure

Use a Silicone-Free roller and pad, where coating or laminating, to ensure adhesion. Don't forget to examine the pad to understand the sources of your contaminants.

Click HERE to see where to use the Contamination Analysis Rollers.

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 Adhesive Rolls

Arcalian supply Adhesive Rolls from SDI – the largest manufacturer of Contact Cleaning systems and consumables in the USA.

Our rolls are specially engineered to allow transfer of contamination in one direction only and can be manufactured in virtually any size to fit any Contact Cleaner, including those of our competitors.

We supply both Continuous and Pre-Cut Adhesive Rolls. Silicone-Free option available.


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Replacement Polymer Rollers for Contact Clean Machines

Arcalian can upgrade Polymer Rollers in any Contact Cleaner, and can advise on the perfect formulation and surface characteristics for any substrate.

With the right information, we can quote replacement rollers (either individually or in sets), either to replicate the originals, enhance cleaning abilities, or transform the Contact Cleaner to Silicone-Free operation.


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