• Are you looking for a low-cost, low-maintenance solution to static on a web (printing or converting)?
  • Are you experiencing static-related problems printing RFID tags?
  • Do you need to remove static from a food or medical packaging line, so can't use copper tinsel?
  • Are you trying to remove static in a vacuum (metallising)?
  • Are you coating with solvents, and so work in an explosion zone?
  • Do you use expensive X1 polonium static bars that need constant regulation by the local authorities for radiation emissions? 

We have the answer...

Static string is an elastic polyester cord with tiny stainless steel microfibres running through it. Placed just one centimetre from the web (it doesn't need to touch) and earthed at one end, any static charge in the web will simply wick up the microfibres and be dissipated. No power, radiation or effort is required. Static string comes in reels of 11 metres (but stretches to 22 metres).

Static rods are a development of static string.  A semi-flexible carbon rod is sleeved in a similar polyester/steel material to the static string. The rod gives even better static elimination for troublesome substrates, and its rigidity will allow the static rod to remain in place almost indefinitely.


See how it works in the video above.

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