Dust Control - Walls & Ceilings

  • How do you clean a large surface in a clean room?
  • Are brushes, brooms and vacuums creating more debris than they remove?
  • Do you want the simplest, least expensive solution?

We have the answer...

Clean Room Rollers

The Floor and Wall Cleaning Rollers were designed specifically for cleaning the interior floors and walls of the Clean Room.

This product provides a cleaning solution for this critical environment that prevents particles from becoming airborne. These rollers can also be used during actual production, minimizing the down time for maintenance of Clean Rooms.


  • Unique adhesive coating stops particles from becoming airborne during cleaning

  • Lightweight with simple handle causes less fatigue during cleaning process

  • Longer handles can be simply screwed into the handle to unit for cleaning ceilings and high walls

  • Perforated adhesive roll for easy disposal of used material

  • Soft foam construction allows the roller to conform to irregular surfaces

  • Minimizes the need for sweeping, wet mopping or solvents

  • Reduces costs by eliminating the need to close clean room or shut down production for maintenance

  • Minimises dust contamination throughout critical areas of facility

The Floor and Wall Cleaning Rollers are available in 9" and 18" versions (CR-09 and (CR-18) and come complete with an Adhesive Roll. Replacement Adhesive Rolls are available in boxes of four.