Wooden Furniture Manufacturing

High gloss finishes pose a massive challenge to the furniture industry. Gloss foils are difficult to wrap or laminate on typical production equipment without highly visible dust related defects in the finished doors or panels.

Particles which are impossible to see before wrapping are amplified more than twenty times on the finished surface and contribute massively towards fall out.

Arcalian's range of dust and static removal products ensure a dramatic reduction in fall-out rates.




DisCord Plus

Use DisCord Plus to remove static charge on moving foil webs. Simply mount the elastic cord tautly across the web (it doesn't need to touch) and ensure it is earthed at one end.

Read the review on the Image Reports website.

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For even better static kill, the semi-rigid ArcRod can be mounted easily across the web. Optional magnetic attachment make it easily possible to move the ArcRod.

Read the review on the Image Reports website.

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Contamination Analysis Rollers

Simple manual removal of particles from wooden surfaces before membrane pressing.

Contamination Analysis Rollers, smoothly applied to any flat surface, remove any loose, dry contamination. The roller itself is then cleaned on the Adhesive Pad which traps the contamination, leaving the roller ready for the next surface.

Clean each panel with a Contamination Analysis Roller before laminating, and don't forget to examine the pad to understand the sources of your contaminants.


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Foil Cleaners from SDI

Arcalian supply a wide range of Surface and Foil Cleaners from SDI in California. Many years of development have resulted in the capability to design and build Cleaners to almost any width and speed requirement.



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Rotary Brush Cleaner

This simple air-driven rotary brush can be used as an edge pre-cleaner, removing the vast majority of the dust that causes problems later down the line.

The Rotary Brush is available in widths up to 355mm, and any number can be used in parallel to cover wider requirements.

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 Adhesive Rolls

Arcalian supply Adhesive Rolls from SDI – the largest manufacturer of Contact Cleaning systems and consumables in the USA.

Our rolls are specially engineered to allow transfer of contamination in one direction only and can be manufactured in virtually any size to fit any Contact Cleaner, including those of our competitors.

We supply both Continuous and Pre-Cut Adhesive Rolls.



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Web Cleaning Sleeves

The Web Cleaning Sleeve converts any path roller into a cleaning roller. The WCS is made from a specially formulated polymer which will pick up contamination from the web as it passes.

  • No installation space required
  • Simply inflate the sleeve with an airline and push it on to the roller
  • Quick and easy cleaning - use Arcalian Wipes during routine line maintenance
  • Sleeves available in any length up to 10 metres
  • Sleeves can fit rollers with O.D.:  38mm, 50mm, 75mm, 88mm, 100mm, 127mm, 152mm
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Replacement Polymer Rollers for Contact Clean Machines

Arcalian can upgrade Polymer Rollers in any Contact Cleaner, and can advise on the perfect formulation and surface characteristics for any substrate.

With the right information, we can quote replacement rollers (either individually or in sets), either to replicate the originals, enhance cleaning abilities, or transform the Contact Cleaner to Silicone-Free operation.



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IPA Wipes for Polymer Roller maintenance

High quality, lint-free IPA wipes for maintaining board cleaner polymer rollers in top condition. Sold in tubs of 200.





Arcalian supply airshafts from Brenner Hume

  • Aluminium
  • Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Carbon Fibre
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